3 Days To Transform Your Practice Into One That
Systematically Pays YOU With …

MORE Time Off
MORE Income
& The Ability To
Live A Bigger Impact Life

Dear Veteran Financial Advisor,

This is your invitation to join me along with about 100 of the smartest, elite advisors in the country for the 3-Day DOUBLE Your Affluent Clients Boot Camp to finally experience …


Seen On or In…

Hi I’m Scott Keffer, advisor to the affluent, and founder of The Affluent Engagement System®, The Seminar Money Machine™ and the 7X Advisor Model®, as well as the DOUBLE Your Affluent Clients® Boot Camp.

If you’re like a lot of financial advisors when they first find me, you’re not getting enough good out of your business.

You’re working far too much for too few rewards.

You’re working with the wrong kinds of clients.

And worst of all, you’re burning yourself out!

In fact, if you’re like most of my new students, you’re so busy working IN the business that you can’t fathom having time to work ON the business.

Many of you are experiencing success and what feels like failure in a cyclical pattern …

You have great months and then you have a few bad months, perhaps followed by some okay ones, then the busy ones come again.

What happens when you live like this as a business owner is that you spend the good months paying for the bad ones and never really work toward building the business and life you have the potential to have.

If you keep this up,
you’ll never get where you really want to go!

Even if you’ve avoided horrible down times and things have been steady and you “make a good living”, there’s a good chance that you’ve landed on this page today because your business is NOT rewarding you the way you want it to.Sometimes you might feel like you’re “so close” to finally having your business take off the way you know it could, but that elusive “take off” is just out of reach.I’ve seen this play out for so many financial planners and money managers. They have the knowledge and the ability to help a massive amount of people in their community. They truly are financial experts. And they may even earn a pretty decent living …But they don’t have the knowledge to transform their practice into a rock solid source of unlimited income and independence.

So, sadly, they’re fried. Maybe you can relate.

But it doesn’t have to be this way in your practice …


“In the almost 50 years I’ve been in the business, there has never been a system and training as complete as Scott Keffer’s Boot Camp on the process of marketing for an elite advisor.”

Simon “Stuffy” Singer CFP, RFC
Past President, The FORUM 400

Encino, California

How you respond to what you’ll read on this page
will directly influence how the rest of 2015 and
the years that follow will play out.

Will you experience more of the same? More good months, bad months, mediocre months (repeat, ad nauseam, etc.)? More burn out? Less and less time with friends and family? Less and less independence?

Or will you experience what so many of my students now do … a steady stream of new clients pouring into their practice every month, rewarding them with consistently increasing income, more time off, and the freedom to impact the lives of the people they care about most.

And best of all, their businesses actually run smooth as silk whether they’re in the office or out.

It IS possible.

I’ve shown hundreds of advisors how to do this.

Now, this letter is your invitation to join us by attending the DOUBLE Your Affluent Clients® Boot Camp.

Who was this Boot Camp Designed For?

It was designed specifically for advisors who are sick-and-tired of not having enough ideal, affluent clients. Veteran advisors who are sick of working long hours for the same results year after year, tired of “me-too” marketing methods that waste your staff’s time and your money.

It’s for advisors who are ready to DOUBLE their income and DOUBLE their time off right now!

If that sounds like you then stick with me for a moment and I’ll show you what the transformation could look like for your business.

Here’s the ONE Defining Characteristic
of a Successful Business

After years of studying and consulting for some of the most successful advisors in the country, and building my own highly successful practice, I’ve discovered THE single characteristic that best defines a successful, “top 1%” practice.

But first, you should know that there are some common “mis-measurements of success” …

A successful practice is NOT defined by revenue or profit. If you’re working 90 hours a week and never see your family and keel over from a coronary at age 62, is that success? Regardless of how many millions you might leave behind, is that success?

A successful practice is NOT defined by the number of affluent clients you bring on board. If you despise all of those clients, dread every appointment and phone call, shudder every time you hear or see their name…is that success?

“THE SWITCH THAT CHANGED MY ENTIRE CAREER”“The second day at Scott’s Boot Camp was the switch that changed my entire career. Using the concepts Scott shared with us, I was able to get my article in the Wall Street Journal.”Greg Hammond, CFP, CPA
Wethersfield, Connecticut

A successful practice is NOT even defined by the number of new clients it brings in each month. If those new clients are not affluent, if those new clients are not “right fit”, if all they do is bring you and your staff more work at low return, then is that really success?

Here’s the one key question I’ve discovered is the only reliable measure of a successful practice…

Does your practice run
BETTER without you?

If your practice runs better without you, it means:

  • You’ve implemented SYSTEMS that free you to spend time with your family, hit the links or just take some R&R without even the slightest stab of guilt. That’s success!
  • Your staff is so well-attuned to what makes your practice successful that they can operate with excellence without you micromanaging them every minute of every day. That’s success.
  • Your practice is sale-able, attractive to potential partners, and a business that you would happily turn over to your children without worrying about passing along a truckload of headaches and hassles…because the business doesn’t fall apart when you’re not there. That success: it works just as well or better when you’re not around.

So, does your practice run better
without you?

If not, that’s OK. You’re not alone.

In fact, my practice used to require so much of ME in order to be profitable that I almost gave up. I was seriously burnt out and the effects that had on my personal life were palpable. But I’m so glad I hung in there and kept searching for a better way because I found one!

I worked my tail off studying, testing, implementing, and yes failing many times before
I finally discovered exactly what it takes to build a business that attracts affluent right fit clients, EVEN WHEN YOU’RE NOT AROUND!

And that’s exactly what the focus of the DOUBLE Your Affluent Clients® Boot Camp is.

These are principles that impress even the most jaded, world-weary advisors in our industry. But most importantly, they work.

They’ve worked for hundreds of my students and
as you’re about to find out, they’ll work for you too!

Before I give you details about what you’ll discover and experience at the Boot Camp, I’d like to make clear that I don’t offer any kind of shady “split” where I plan to profit from the future business I’ll teach you to generate. That’s not what I’m about.

I’ve just experienced such tremendous success and I now know how to replicate it, so at the urging of so many Advisor friends, I started teaching what works. And I’m so glad to be sharing this knowledge with folks like you, because it is awesome watching the practice transformation that follows the DOUBLE Your Affluent Clients® Boot Camp.

Now, if the idea of LESS stress, MORE income, and GREATER control over your own life sounds attractive to you, you’ll love what Boot Camp will do for your business.

Here’s What You’ll Discover about How
to Build a Practice that Meets the
“Better without You” Standard of

While most advisor training focuses on tricks and tactics, here you’ll get only tested and most importantly, PROVEN strategies.

“THE BEST TRAINING IN MY 80 YEARS.”“It’s the best 3 Day event any serious advisor can attend. You’ll go home with a wealth of information.” Gene OffrediGene Offredi CFP, RFC
Guilford, CT
    • How to Tap into the Most Powerful Affluent Advisor Mindsets (used by peak performers) to rise to the very top of your market and explode your practice.
    • The 5 Requirements for Becoming a top Affluent Advisor – miss any one of these requirements and you won’t dominate your market. Combine all 5 and you’ll experience the ultimate practice transformation.
    • How to overcome the 7 Greatest Advisor Fears so you can complete eliminate the most common stumbling blocks to success that most advisors face.
    • How To Turbocharge Your Personal Growth… And Success -13 Levers that’ll empower you to achieve whatever goals you set, no matter how big.
    • A New (and Liberating) 2-Point Client Philosophy that’ll give you an edge over every other advisor in your market and skyrocket your conversion.
    • The Dynamite Dozen Principles–these are the bedrock principles that ensure that your practice never embarrasses you and actually resonates with your most important core values and principles.

And Much, Much More!

    • How to Position Yourself as a “Leading Authority!” rather than just an advisor…and lock out your competition
    • How to magnetically and systematically attract your ideal, “right fit” prospect so you’ll finally stop working with clients that are a drain and only work with the ones that are in alignment with the practice you want to have.
    • The latest research on America’s affluent population…and how to use it to find, attract and close more right fit clients.
    • What the affluent really want from their advisors in this economy so you can speak their language and close more clients.
    • How to train your brain to find and attract affluent prospects SUBCONSCIOUSLY!
    • Personal and practice branding lessons from expert marketer Tom Peters, the author of Search For Excellence, Thriving On Chaos, The Pursuit of WOW and others!

And, so much more…

The Secrets You Need To Know To Persuade, Influence and Motivate The Affluent To Buy You, Your Products and Services In The Fastest and Most Ethical Way Possible.

“I’ve been to many others and they don’t hold a candle. This is the best meeting I’ve ever been to. I walked away with everything I needed.”
Jeff Jaskol, CFP
Voorhees, New Jersey
    • The 3 Lies every advisor has been taught about the affluent… and what the real truth is that’ll bring you MORE clients like this.
    • How to fine-tune your brand, your positioning and your perception of yourself to create success more systematically than any marketing trick could.
    • The #1 thing the affluent want you to provide…give it to them and they’ll never think of leaving you.
    • My “Next Level” Principle that, when you apply it like I show you, will turbocharge nearly every other strategy you implement!
    • The 28 Engagement Principles that ensure that you get hired by every ideal affluent prospect.

And, so much more…


Attention: Nobody else could – or would – teach you what you’re going to learn in this session. I’ve invested in coaching and training from the top influence and persuasion masters who teach the elusive secrets of “what makes human beings want to buy… and more importantly… buy “YOU” and I’ve condensed it all down so that you can put it to work when you get back to your office on Monday.

This session alone is worth the entire investment of the Boot Camp and is the one session that always “AMAZES” the audience!


With all of the changes in the economy, Advisors who are still doing things the old way are being crushed in a wave of “me-too” commoditization. Now, more than ever you MUST employ systems and strategies proven to lift you above this wave!

This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT sessions of the entire Boot Camp!

I’ll share with YOU the keys to creating an experience so unique and economy-proof that your clients will never leave.

You’ll discover:

  • The 3 Lies every advisor has been taught about the affluent… and what the real truth is.
  • How Increasing Your Fees (Strategically) Will Make Your Clients More Loyal…Sound too good to be true? This will blow your mind.
  • How To Quickly Transform Your Staff into a “Servant Team” that will methodically attract and care for clients so well they’ll never leave.
  • The 5 Keys To Upgrade Every Client…how to implement escalation structures to make and KEEP more money from every single client.
  • My 10 Step System for Retaining Every Client For Life. Implement these steps and watch your client retention rate soar!
  • How To “Teach” Your Clients to Appreciate You – this is so important because when clients truly value you what you bring to their lives, their bonded to you like glue, FOR LIFE!!!
  • How To Turn Your Clients into Raving Fans and Referral Machines.

And more!


“Scott gave me easy and powerful (and cheap) marketing campaigns with his Prospecting VACUUM. Scott’s systems allow me to get noticed and to build credibility using social proof, instead of wasting my money on typical, self-serving brochures. Using his methods, prospects now actually seek me out.”

Steven F. St. Pierre, CPA, CFP, MSA Manchester

Every one of these strategies is designed to help your practice succeed just as well or
BETTER when you’re not around. Designed to get you out of the office, make you more money from every client and create a practice that runs like a well-oiled machine even when you’re on the beach!

A crucial step in building a business that runs better when you’re not around is eliminating as many unprofitable tasks from your day as possible.

Advisors are notorious for working HARD rather than SMART. But the 80/20 Principle is universal and advisors are not exempt. This section will show you how to eliminate the habits that are taking up 80% of your time and only delivering 20% (or far less!) of your results.

During this session I’ll show you what I do on a day-to-day basis to maximize my productivity…
to get MORE done in one day than you now get done in a week!

“MY RESULT = MORE INCOME!”“Scott’s Implementation Process has multiplied my productivity and my team’s. Scott has taken all the guesswork out for me. The result has been more income.”John J. Checki Jr. CPA CFP
Dallas, TX
  • How to design your business around your lifestyle, so that you can WORK LESS and bring home MORE INCOME!
  • Myths you’ve been taught about building your business. How to dismantle the inefficient systems that this faulty mindset may have caused you to construct in your practice so you can replace it with the ultimate productivity mindset.
  • My very SIMPLE formula for doubling your annual revenue, while maintaining your sanity.
  • The one number that will show you exactly where your business is at any point in time and whether you’re making steady, predictable progress on the things that count.
  • How to systematize everything like a profit-maximizing business.
  • The one secret that I have only previously shared with my Private VIP Coaching Members, who invest $20,000 to $50,000 per year to coach with me. This one strategy alone will allow you to build your business around your lifestyle and give you the freedom to say “no” to anyone you want.

Don’t be surprised if after this session at the Boot Camp your entire mindset for running YOUR business is 100% transformed on the spot!

My personal business philosophy is: “You Don’t Create Your Lifestyle Around Your Business – You Create Your Business Around Your Lifestyle So You Can Make A Lot, Spend A Little and Work As Little As Possible!”)

As I eluded to previously, these strategies weren’t something I just stumbled upon. In fact …

I was forced to “figure this out” the hard way.

The very long story short, goes like this …

My wife and I were “celebrating” our 21st wedding anniversary by signing legal documents that dissolved a nine year partnership in my Legacy Planning firm and put us in debt to the tune of half a million dollars. $463,459.15 to be exact!

“WORTH EVERY PENNY”“I flew from Hawaii and it’s worth every penny. Scott has done all the work. The exact tools I need to attract more affluent clients. I don’t have to think.” Cliff Robello, CFP.
ChFCHonolulu, Hawaii

Not the best anniversary present. But by the grace of God and the coaching and training, after four long and challenging years, we were able to dig ourselves out of that horrendous hole.

One of the biggest challenges was having to take over the inside management of the firm, while still bringing in new affluent clients.

It was hard and I couldn’t have done it if I did the same old boring stuff that I saw everyone else doing. I couldn’t have done it if I hadn’t focused most of my energy and effort on working ON the business. Here’s what I mean …

In 1994, I came home and told my wife I was investing tens of thousands of dollars in coaching to help us learn how to attract the clients we needed to grow.

She thought I was nuts. She rightfully pointed out that we didn’t have the money, since we were just starting out again trying to build an affluent-only retail business.

But I knew from my study of the habits of successful people, that they ALL invested heavily in their own development and growth and I knew I didn’t have the answers on my own. I had looked a lot of places and came up short. I finally decided that I’d invest in proven coaching to get me where I wanted to go.

That decision has made all of the difference in the world!

Today, I invest a minimum of $100,000 every year in training and coaches, and it continues to pay off handsomely. I now earn $15,000/day for consulting and my speaking fee is $10,000. That’s in addition to my financial planning practice.

The point is, if you want to build a business that runs BETTER when you’re not around, you have to get outside of that business.

You must work ON the business, not IN the business.

For many years, I thought I’d build my career by working harder. By making more calls. By attending more industry functions. By getting letters added to the end of my name. By adding more products to my portfolio.By creating pretty 4-color brochures.By trading business cards at networking events.By paying a fortune for flashy website.

But that’s all working IN the business. And it rarely produced results.

And when it did produce results, they were incremental, short-lived and sapped my time and energy.

I discovered I had to get out of my business for
BIG breakthroughs and not just outside of my
business but outside of our industry entirely!

When I made a commitment to learning OUTSIDE my business, then, and only then did I start to build a business that performed better when I was not around!

That’s my story, but it’s not mine alone. Now my students share it. They’ve taken the leap, gotten outside of their own practice and reaped the rewards of MORE INCOME and MORE INDEPENDENCE.

The good news for you is that you don’t have to take the big leap of faith that I did or even the ones that my early students took. What I teach has been PROVEN to work over and over again.

Once you attend the DOUBLE Your Affluent Clients® Boot Camp your practice will never be the same!

“I WAS BLOWN AWAY. BETTER THAN ANY INDUSTRY MEETING IN THE LAST 20 YEARS.”dave holaday“It might have been the best meeting I ever attended in terms of practical, relevant and applicable material I could use immediately to enhance our marketing.”Dave Holaday CFP
Carmel, Indiana
  • You’ll attract “RIGHT FIT” Affluent Clients with ease!
  • You’ll take home more of the income that you bring into the practice!
    • You’ll enjoy more freedom to spend your time the way YOU want to spend it.
  • You’ll have the power to design your dream practice and work life.
  • You’ll have the ability to impact your friends, family, and community in a big way!
  • You’ll make A LOT MORE MONEY!!!
  • You’ll Close More Affluent Sales And Get Hired More Often (you’ll learn the language, metaphors and nuances that the affluent consistently respond to).
  • You’ll Save Money Instantly and Stop Wasting Money on Ineffective, Me-too, Non-Systematic Marketing (the money that you SAVE will more than cover your investment in the Boot Camp).
  • You’ll Rise Above Every Competitor In Your Area (learn how to create unassailable niches and match your marketing message to your niches to systematically lock out your competition)!
  • You’ll Stop Losing The Affluent – Me-Too Marketing methods, brochures and websites DO have an effect on the affluent – they DRIVE THEM AWAY. Stop wasting time on useless advertising and instead implement the SYSTEMS that draw the affluent to you month after month.
  • You’ll Build Your Business Around Your Lifestyle…And Take More Time Off (you’ll learn how to change this the instant you get home).
  • You’ll Double Your Personal Output (you can’t clone yourself, yet you can double your results so easily it will shock you)!
  • You’ll Increase Your Staff’s Productivity (imagine your entire team focused on the most important priorities with just 12 minutes of your time each day).

Best of all, you’ll reap the rewards of MORE Affluent Clients the first month you get home!

Just imagine how it will feel to finally be moving this business in a direction that allows you to live the life you really want.

Imagine working with ONLY your IDEAL CLIENTS!!!!!!

This isn’t just about money, but about your quality of life. For you, ideal clients may not just be the ones that fit the financial criteria that’s important to you, but the ones with the right attitude toward YOU and your counsel… the ones who are easier to work with and benefit the most from your expertise… and are more fun to be with.

& The People You Work With!

Why should you listen to me?

As I’ve said already, my strategies are PROVEN to work. They are not untested theory. They work in my practice as well as the practices of hundreds of my students. You can find some of their comments throughout this letter.

Seen On or In…

I also am the creator of The Legacy Planning Process, The Seminar Money Machine™, The Donor Motivation Program®, The Affluent Engagement System®, The Arc Of Distinction®, and others. I’ve advised wealthy individuals and families all over the country for more than three decades. Suffice it to say, I’ve got experience in spades.

Unlike many so-called “marketing gurus” today who have never been an advisor or built an affluent-only practice from scratch, I actually walk my talk.

None of my success in practice happened by accident.

It was ALL methodical and what I did every day in that successful practice is EXACTLY what I’ll teach you at Boot Camp!

Now, I invite you to join me along with about 100 of the sharpest
financial advisors from the U.S and Canada, for 3 days

May 6th, 7th, and 8th in Pittsburgh, PA at the

DOUBLE Your Affluent Clients® Boot Camp,

specifically designed for Financial Advisors who are
ready to DOUBLE their income right now

Boot Camp Registration is Open:

Early Bird Special – $997 use special code : special
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Warning: This price will increase as we get closer to the Boot Camp. The earlier we know the attendance count, the lower our cost and we pass that along to you for registering early. Act now to get the best deal.

Oh, and in case you’re considering coming up with any of the dozens of easy and readily available excuses to NOT attend, I must point out …

  • Please take note of the many success stories from Advisors throughout this letter. They were once where you are now. They didn’t do any magic tricks. They simply followed what I taught them at the DOUBLE Your Affluent Clients® Boot Camp.I certainly don’t pay them for their comments. What you’re reading in those little boxes throughout this letter are real accounts of their experience after they attended Boot Camp and implemented what they learned… and I have pages of other testimonies just like those. Their stories are pure proof that practice transformation is EASILY within your reach. All you need to do is come and get it.
  • You’ve been trained to be skeptical and that’s a good thing. How else will you steer clear from the marketing vultures and so-called “gurus” who really just want a piece of YOUR business?But rest assured that the DOUBLE Your Affluent Clients® Boot Camp is different. It’s different for many reasons, but one of the most important differences is that the founder and lead educator (yours truly) is doing what he’s teaching. And, it’s not a do-it-exactly-like-me, assembly line program. It’s totally customizable to your personality and style. I’ve worked and invested diligently to explode my practice and I’ve taught hundreds of advisors before you to replicate my strategies. Now it’s your turn.
  • This is all plug and play stuff. You’ll get home and start implementing and IMMEDIATELY experience the flood of affluent clients pouring into your practice. No waiting period. No testing period. No bigmatza ball hanging out there. Just clear and measurable results. You’ll see.
  • This is 3-days of intensive (yet fun) training. In fact, I’ve invested well over $312,000.00 to learn everything I share with you during these 3 days. It will be a transformational experience for you. So, in comparison, your attendance fee is a steal!

The DOUBLE Your Affluent Clients Boot Camp is quite affordable at just $1,997 for full access to all 3 days of training. But if you act quickly, you can attend for less than HALF PRICE.

You’ll probably spend more than that on coffee this year.

Plus, you’re really getting 6 seminars in one in one convenient place, because I’ve personally invested so much of my own money and time into expert trainings on prospecting, positioning, closing, effective presenting, personal productivity, and profitability. In fact, considering the fee for all of the advanced trainings I’ve invested in, the DOUBLE Your Affluent Clients® Boot Camp is a can’t-miss, no brainer investment.

You’ll see for yourself on the very first day in the very first session of Boot Camp that the investment you made to attend will produce measurable ROI.

In fact, I GUARANTEE it!

My 100% Money Back Plus Pay for Your Room Guarantee

If after the first day, you do not believe my principles will help you double your affluent clients and build a practice that runs as well or even better when you’re not there, in 12 months or less, I’ll refund every penny and even pay for your room.


You Ready? Click Below For Registration
May 6, 7, & 8, 2015

Boot Camp Registration is Open:

Early Bird Special – $997 use special code : special
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Warning: This price will increase as we get closer to the Boot Camp. The earlier we know the attendance count, the lower our cost and we pass that along to you for registering early. Act now to get the best deal.

I don’t mean to sound harsh, but please don’t come if you’re not serious about doubling your income and time off… if you’re not willing to think differently in order to experience different results.

As you can see, this is ONLY for serious veteran advisors who are impatient to multiply their income, influence and impact.
And hey, don’t beat yourself up for skepticism. As I mentioned before, that’s healthy. But do NOT remain in inaction. Indecision is the thief of success! Make a decision and come get what you deserve.

If you’re ready for a breakthrough, you belong at the BOOT CAMP!
See you soon!

Scott Keffer
Founder, Scott Keffer International
DOUBLE Your Affluent Clients® Boot Camp

P.S. Remember, there’s no risk here as your investment (and even your hotel room are GUARANTEED)! Register now while you can still get a big discount.

P.P.S. Still tempted to use an excuse for staying put? STOP! There is a reason you landed here today. Hey – if we’re not meant to meet at this Boot Camp, so be it. There are plenty of advisors out there that I’ll never reach. But my goal is to reach every last one of you that wants a better business. If you want to earn DOUBLE what you’re earning now with DOUBLE the time off, you belong at the Boot Camp!

Please do yourself a favor and reread the success stories from advisors like you who have attended this Boot Camp. Read those stories and register right NOW while you’re thinking about it.


Scott promises a lot – and he delivers. He has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars being trained by the ‘best of the best.’ Scott showed me how to have a profitable advisor business. He keeps making me more successful.

Keith Thomson, CFP, CIM Toronto, Canada

Click Below For Registration Details
May 6, 7, & 8, 2015

Boot Camp Registration is Open:

Early Bird Special – $997 use special code : special
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Warning: This price will increase as we get closer to the Boot Camp. The earlier we know the attendance count, the lower our cost and we pass that along to you for registering early. Act now to get the best deal.